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How it Works

Hill Country ain't no ordinary "restaurant" experience. We are a Barbecue Market, and our style of service honors the tradition of the grand, old meat markets of the Hill Country region of CentralTexas.

The Hill Country Meal Ticket is like a passport to the Barbecue Market. Guests create their own experience at Hill Country by choosing from various food counters to build their own meal. As the guest approaches each of the counters in the marketplace, they will hand the meal ticket to the counter server who will mark on it what the guest has ordered. Hill Country evokes the feel of an old-fashioned meat market, and remaining true to the market experience, guests order various cuts of meat by weight. Guests place their orders and watch as their meat is pulled from the pits and carved by the Pitmasters before being weighed. Guests are given a choice of bread or crackers, which are wrapped in butcher paper with the barbecue. Separate counters in the marketplace serve Texas-style (and sized!) side orders, drinks, and desserts alongside fresh produce, Texas dairy cheeses, and other regional specialties. Once guests have finished ordering from the Market, they take their food to their table, where, by this point, they are all too eager to dig in to their bundle of steaming barbecue and delectable sides. Guests may visit the food and drink counters as often as they like without having to exchange money for items, and then present their meal ticket to their server or cashier when ready to settle up.

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